Santi Scalzadonna DataVis & Web Developer

About me

I'm a full stack developer born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. Over the last ten years, I've gained professional experience designing, building and maintaining apps and webs for small and big clients in education, transportation, telcos, IT, retail & e-commerce. I've been working as a location independent consultant since 2013. These days I'm experiencing what is it about to travel and work as a digital nomad across Europe.

Web/Apps Development

I've participated in a myriad of interesting software & web projects, dealing with diverse paradigms and programming languages like: Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Javascript and its related frameworks.

Data visualizations

I've developed interactive data visualizations and data driven products for clients in the transportation and education industries, based in open source technologies: JavaScript / Infovis / D3.js / Processing among others.

Dev Tools / Resources

I always try to remain open and flexible so I can easily ramp up and get to work with any particular tech stack, adapting and suggesting the best solutions based on the needs, goals and budget of my clients.

Latest Projects

MotoGP Store

YouBIM - Building Information System

Analysis, design and development of a custom BIM visualization tool for the web.

  • Fullstack Development
  • System Integrations
  • Data visualizations
  • DevOps
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